This is a list of rabbit breeders who have advertised show stock in a rabbit
newsletter I recieve. You can contact them to see if they might have stock
available for the show you are planning to attend.
It's best to contact them for prices and let them know your show dates so they
can plan to breed at the right time. Some breeders only sell brood stock so
you can raise your own pens. Be sure to check with your contact to see if they
offer pens.  Pens and broodstock will vary in quality and price. If you are
wanting to purchase other breeds (not for meat pens) you can check East TX
Rabbit Breeders Assoc.  on Facebook and find breeders for most any ARBA
breed or contact me at
Mindy Weed-Sims  Facebook
John Schaeffer 832-607-6263 Montgomery TX
Mike and Jana Miller 903-673-2939 Dawson, TX
Pete and Lori Basgil 281-328-5669 Crosby, TX
Jason and Traci Platt 512-434-9525
Tony and Kathy Bell 817-790-8106 Alvarado, TX
Keith Come 817-517-3260 Grandview, TX
Milliorn Rabbitry 325-721-8249 Clyde, TX
Jimmy Maurer 979-451-5542 Brenham, TX
Lauren Rausher, Slocum, TX
Deb Cartwright 936-876-5832 Huntington, TX
If you know of a breeder who would like to be added to our list please contact Deb at