Huntington All Around 4-H
Rabbit Project
Hi and welcome to the 4-H rabbit project. The rabbit project is
a fairly inexpensive, low maintaniance and potentially profitable
project for any 4-H age youth. Our clubs focus is on raising
meat pens for the Angelina County Youth Fair however we
have several members who enjoy showing their breeding
rabbits at county fairs, major livestock shows and ARBA
shows. We also have members who enjoy competing in contest
such as breed ID, hands on judging, showmanship, dress up
contest, art and craft contest and photography.
Please remember during your time spent with your project take
plenty of pictures for your 4-H record book.
For a list of breeds that are accepted by the ARBA go to the
American Rabbit Breeders Assoc. web site
Below are a list of upcoming shows and events. **Some have
early entry only so don't let the deadline sneak up on you.
If you have questions please contact your local club project    
leader or Deb Cartwright 936-876-5832 email
Meat Pen Information
Meat pens in general consist of three 10 week old meat type rabbits of the
same breed, variety or color, as close to the same weight as possible (max.
5lbs each, min. 3 lbs each) and are judged for meat type 40 pts, condition of
flesh 30 pts., uniformity of body and weight 20 pts, Fur 10 pts.
The pen does not necessarily have to be from the same litter. The show this
year will be Feb 23 2015. I will try and have a list of breeders with stock for
sale. Email me for info
How to choose your meat pen: Meat Type- Type is the most important factor.
Fryers should be compact and short, with well filled body, rounded and
solidly fleshed. Smooth well filled hips and good depth of body are especially
important. The width and depth of loin, thickness of the hindquarters and
well developed shoulders are important to the meat carrying type of the fryer.
The hindquarters are most important, loin second and forequarter third.
Condition: All fryers in the pen must be in prime condition. They should be
firm and solid and must not show any signs of flabbiness, softness, looseness,
or pottiness. The plet must be tight over the body and the animals must be
clean and show no signs or neglect or disease.
Uniformity: This is a combination of the other three requirements and must
be uniform in weight, size, appearance, condition, meat type and fur. They
should be similar is all respects as possible.
Fur: should conform to the breeds standards (see ARBA Book of Standards).
Pens can be disqualified for not meeting within the weight limits, health
problems including snuffles, watering eyes, vent disease, pot belly, ear canker,
tumors, ruptures ect. , structural abnormalities, ineligble tattoos, bad teeth,
sore hock, missing or miscolored toenails (depending on breed standard) and
other breed description DQ's. There is an exception to this which is smut or
frosting on californian or himi marked breeds may be permitted in meat pens.
Breeds commonly used for meat pens are Californian and New Zealand.
However there are other breeds suitable for meat pens such as champagne d
argent, palomino, cream de argent, satins to name a few.
                                       U pcoming shows:
You can see a list of upcoming ARBA shows at
            Rabbit Extravaganza Gaitsville TX *early entry
2-23-15 Angelina County Youth Fair *early entry
  TBA    Houston Livestock Show  *early entry only
 TBA                      TRBA State Show *early entry

ACYF show 2-23
breeding date start
Nov 13 for 10
week bunnies on
show date
HLSR show