Harlequin - Magpie
Harlequin - Japanese
Mini Rex
Owners: Deb Cartwright, Jacob Cartwright, Dylan Cartwright, Jace Cartwright and
Alyssa Golden
*In addition to our rabbitry my family also own and operate a
small ranch called the Sweet Neches, named after great times
my husband and I spent with a dear friend on the Neches
River many moons ago. She has since passed but is loved
forever by my family. At the ranch we raise APHA paint,
AQHA quarter horses , commercial cattle, boer/boer mix
goats, manx cats, catahoula and East Texas yellow black
mouth cur stock dogs.  If you would like to visit just click on
the pictures to link to other pages.
Sweet Neches Paint and Quarter Horses
American Rabbit Breeders Association
American Rabbit Breeders Assoc.
 NALC Catahoula pups available Jan 2011
ET black mouth pups available June 2010
What's going on at the Sweet Neches?
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Holland Lop
Welcome to Sanstar Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in east TX just south
of Huntington.
I started this venture in 2004 and
with the help of my niece Alyssa and my sons Jacob,
Dylan and Jace we traveled many miles and spent
great times on the show circuit. We met so many
unforgettable friends and we had much success
placing well at Nationals and Convention with our
rabbits as well as other ARBA shows.  We have
raised many different breeds and enjoyed all of them
but some breeds just take a special place in our
hearts and that is what we seem to always go back
to. The kids have grown and gone on to other things
and a few years back my sister Dena Perkins decided
to join the game. Her rabbitry also goes under the
name Sanstar. We offer quality Harlequin, Flemish  
Giant, Lionhead, Holland Lop, Rex, Mini Rex.